About Us

Theda-Threads® is a brand by the Sewing and Embroidery Supplies Department by OSGas Pty Ltd (ABN 64 101 578 081) established in 2004. This Australian brand focused on rayon embroidery thread specifically, the bright mixture of colours that make up our catalogue of variegated threads.

Our online store Theda-Threads® is where we sell our threads, and it also encompases the handmade leather bags, knitted socks, masks, scrunchies and jewelry made by the mother(J)-daughter(T) team. All bags, purses and masks are machine sewn by us in Queensland, Australia. All socks are knitted by us, either by hand or using an old-fashioned Brother knitting machine (KH868 and KR 850) requiring woman-power. All jewelry is handmade by us in sunny Brisbane. Our jewelry is found at our newly opened Etsy Store: ThedaThreadsStore.

We are a mother(J) – daughter (T) team with a love of colours and design!

J is in charge of everything bag, scrunchies and mask related from materials, the new designs, the testing, the handling of big machines and the photography! She loves to make beautiful jewelry, especially involving some bling!

T works as the creative designer – dabbling in colours, sewing masks, making jewelry, social media and photography. She knits the socks using J’s machines!

Our love of colours is also evident in our range of variegated and single colour rayon embroidery threads, the bright yarns we use when knitting our socks and in our eclectic range of face coverings.